1. Walking in Hyde Park

  2. i live a rough life. 


  3. bryangregorymann:

    This is a song a song about fast bodies and slow minds. If you know someone who’s body is faster than their mind, sing along

    My board partner and I were talking and she said something that sounded like a song.

    I searched and searched and it didn’t exist…so we made it exist!

    This is what happens when I say something at work that sounds like a song title. WE MAKE A SONG.


  4. I learnt this joke today.

    1. Knock Knock
    2. Who's there?
    3. Europe.
    4. Europe who?
    5. No, you're a poo.

  5. A bunny climbed my nickelodeon mug at work! this is the kinda poop i post on vine if you like it you can follow me i guess…

  6. Just drawing some futbol fans :D

  7. I’m full of good ideas…

  8. Because sometimes you just want to draw Hermione.

  9. my little theory about bean bags.

  10. random character? i dunno.

    this is what i do when i wait for a ride.


    I eated all the chocolate. when i stand still it feels like the ground is sliding beneath me.

  12. yep.

  13. Ellaria Sand. Love her wardrobe <3

  14. A lesson in Etiquette :)

  15. I think my dog is just cats.