1. New Episode of Sanjay and Craig premieres tomorrow morning at 10:30 on Nickelodeon!

  2. My loop for Childhood!

  3. I wanna draw some hermione comes….

  4. I like drawing animals, I’m working on something special for CTN, not directly related to this piece but expect animals!

  5. Walkin’ along. 

    This is my piece for Art Action! you can learn more about it here-http://www.art-action.fr/

  6. I think I overthink sometimes…I think.

  7. Space Race premieres tomorrow morning at 10am! This was my first board on Sanjay and Craig :)

    If you watch the episode, then this is a sneak peak of what I think Sanjay and Vijay were up to for most of the episode.

  8. Had some good times at comic con this year…gonna miss those slow moving crowds *tear*

  9. Walking in Hyde Park

  10. i live a rough life. 


  11. bryangregorymann:

    This is a song a song about fast bodies and slow minds. If you know someone who’s body is faster than their mind, sing along

    My board partner and I were talking and she said something that sounded like a song.

    I searched and searched and it didn’t exist…so we made it exist!

    This is what happens when I say something at work that sounds like a song title. WE MAKE A SONG.


  12. I learnt this joke today.

    1. Knock Knock
    2. Who's there?
    3. Europe.
    4. Europe who?
    5. No, you're a poo.

  13. A bunny climbed my nickelodeon mug at work! this is the kinda poop i post on vine if you like it you can follow me i guess…

  14. Just drawing some futbol fans :D

  15. I’m full of good ideas…